How Can You Locate Inmate Information?

How Can You Locate Inmate Information?

To locate inmate information, conduct an online search of federal, state and local prisoner databases. You can find information about the date of incarceration, the offense the inmate was charged with and the length of the prison term. You can also find contact information for the inmate online.

  1. Gather the information you currently have about the inmate

    Use what you know about the inmate you want to find out more about to determine his location and incarceration information. The full name, date of birth and type of offense are helpful in this endeavor.

  2. Conduct an online search of prisoner databases

    Search for the inmate online using the information you have. Federal and state prisons keep their inmate databases updated, as do county jails.

  3. See what information is available

    Once you plug the current information you have into an inmate database, the details surrounding his incarceration, such as date of arrest and type of charge, should come up for you. Review the information available for the data you seek.