Where Can You Locate a HUD Application Form Online?

Locate U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development applications and other forms online on the Forms Resource page of the HUD website. Applicants can order any forms not available online from HUD's online Direct Distribution Center.

To access the Forms Resource page, go to the main page of the HUD website, click on Program Offices in the toolbar at the top of the page, then click on Chief Human Capital Officer. Select HUD Forms, Handbooks, Policies and Other Related Information under Resources, then select Forms under Forms Library. The hundreds of forms are listed in various sections, some according to the programs they apply to and some according to their numbers. Peruse the listings, click on the application form you need, and print it out.

Order application unavailable forms on the Forms Resource page from the Direct Distribution System or by calling the given number. To go to the Direct Distribution System, click on the link on the Forms Resource page. At the bottom of the Direct Distribution System page, click on Access the DDC Online Ordering System. Use the provided username and password to access the item search engine and order form. Search for the form you need using the item ID, the title, the program office, the commodity or the directive number.