How Can You Locate Child Support Agencies in the U.K.?


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The Child Maintenance Service or Child Support Agency in the United Kingdom has offices in Birkenhead, Dudley, Hastings and Plymouth, and in Belfast, Ireland, and in Falkirk, Scotland, according to the agency's website. There is an office locator tool on the website that allows citizens to determine their closest office by postal code.

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The offices handle child support cases opened in 2003 and later, says the CSA. For cases opened between 1993 and March 2003, citizens can use an online form or call the CSA Helpline at 0345 713 3133, as of 2015.

Due to recent changes in U.K. law, the Child Support Agency is closed to new applications in 2015 but still manages cases set up before December 2013, according to CMOoptions.org. Between 2014 and 2017, the Child Support Agency is phasing out all existing child support enforcement cases. It is offering support to put a new arrangement in place, but once the existing arrangement ends, the Child Support Agency no longer plans to collect and disburse child support payments.

The Child Maintenance Service, which opened in 2012, offers a service that can determine a legally enforceable child maintenance amount, collect payments, and then disburse them. Parents have the option of paying directly between themselves once the statutory child maintenance amount has been determined, reports CMOoptions.org.

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