How Can You Locate Approved Asbestos Disposal Sites?


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A full list of approved asbestos disposal sites in the United States is available from the Environmental Protection Agency. Most state Environmental Protection Agencies also publish lists of approved asbestos landfills on their websites, as well as lists of licensed asbestos contractors.

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To qualify as an approved asbestos disposal site, a landfill must have a fence or natural barrier sufficient to deter access to the site by the general public. If a fence is used, the landfill operator must also place warning signs at all entrances and at every 330 feet along the property or along the perimeter of the area where the asbestos is stored.

The landfill must have no visible emissions to the outside air from any asbestos disposal site. If this requirement isn't met, the asbestos waste material must be covered with at least 6 inches of compacted, non-asbestos-containing material at least once every 24 hours. It must also be covered with a petroleum-based or resinous dust-suppressing agent that is sufficiently able to bind dust and control wind erosion.

When accepting asbestos-containing material, the landfill operator must maintain detailed records of each asbestos shipment. These records must include the total quantity of the asbestos and the date, as well as the name, address and telephone numbers of both the waste generator and transporter.

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