Where Can Live Police Scanner Feeds Be Found Online?

As of 2015, Broadcastify contains live police scanner feeds from across the United States. The audio feeds remain free for up to two hours of use, and after two hours elapse, users without a premium subscription may have to restart the stream. Individuals may also use ScannerLive.Skywatch.org to listen to live scanner feeds. This service monitors up to 10 channels and mutes nine of them when one broadcasts information.

Broadcastify users search for live scanner feeds through the online map that displays all 50 states. Individuals find a list of feeds in a particular state by selecting one from the drop-down menu below the map and clicking Retrieve. Interested parties also input a city or location name in a search box, and then click the Search button directly below the box. Users type a ZIP code into one search blank, and then click the Retrieve button to find live scanner feeds.

ScannerLive scans up to 10 feeds at once, and then displays the one that has audio while muting the rest, states Skywatch Services. Individuals change the volume individually on all feeds. A person can manually hold a feed until he presses the Scan button. This service has a one-time cost, and the website contains demonstration videos and a live scroll toward the bottom of the Web page that contains text of scanned broadcasts.