Where Can I Find a Listing of Collection Agencies?


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People can find a listing of collection agencies online. There is a regional directory of collection agencies online that can be used to find agencies within a certain state.

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It is essential when dealing with any collection agency to ensure that the agency is considered a legitimate business. Many scams each year involve these types of companies conning people out of thousands of dollars for debt that they may or may not owe. The list of agencies that is included within the regional directory includes those who have been certified as true agencies. However, the list is updated only a few times per year. Therefore, many agencies may have a new address or no longer be in business.

Any collection agency that contacts a debtor for what that person owes must have a license to do so. If not, then the agency is not valid. By using a list of true collection agencies, a person can take some of the guesswork and chance away from the process, since the list includes valid collection agencies.

A person should never give out any information to a collection agency until they have done research that shows that the agency is legitimate. If the agency fails to pass that test, then a person should notify the Better Business Bureau and law enforcement about the issue to ensure that the agency does not take advantage of others. If the agency is legitimate, negotiations can begin to pay off the debt.

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