Where Can You Find a List of U.S. Army MOS?

can-list-u-s-army-mos Credit: The U.S. Army/CC-BY 2.0

There is a list of U.S. Army Military Occupation Specialties on the Army career website Goarmy.com. The website also has an interactive tool called the Army Career Explorer to help potential recruits match their qualifications with available jobs and some quick quizzes to match interests and skills with Army careers.

To access a list of over 150 U.S. Army MOS, go to the Goarmy.com main page, and click on Careers & Jobs in the toolbar at the top of the page. Scroll down to Search Careers & Jobs, and select Active Duty, Army Reserve or Both. Click the arrows next to Browse by Category to reveal a list of career categories. Select a category you are interested in, and click Go. Alternatively, use the keyword search, or click on Advanced Search for more search options, such as enlisted or officer jobs, jobs open to women or jobs open to entry-level applicants.

For help in finding suitable jobs, click on Help Choosing a Career in the menu to the left of the Careers & Jobs page. For comprehensive help in Army job searching, scroll down, click on Army Career Explorer, create a My Goarmy account, and provide basic personal information and ASVAB or SAT/ACT scores. The Army Career Explorer gives job seekers the ability to compare jobs, prioritize jobs, add jobs to a personal list and access discussion boards. Alternatively, click By Skills & Interests on the Help Choosing a Career page to access multiple choice career quizzes.