How Can You Find a List of Subsidized Housing in Your Area?

How Can You Find a List of Subsidized Housing in Your Area?

Find a list of subsidized housing in a region by contacting any local Housing and Urban Development office. Find more information about subsidized housing by contacting the Public Housing Agency or Housing Choice Voucher Program, notes the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Subsidized housing refers to programs in which the government offers assistance with regards to payment of rent. People who qualify for subsidized housing programs can live in houses that are partly paid by the government, states To find subsidized housing, do the following:

  1. Do some research
  2. Take advantage of the Internet to look for resources that contain information regarding subsidized housing programs. Articles and blogs can often offer leads on where to find subsidized housing.

  3. Talk to a government official
  4. Make contact with a local government office that deals with housing matters. Talk to the staff in the office regarding the need to find a list of subsidized houses in the region. These officials often know exactly where to direct people for accurate information on housing.

  5. Try official websites
  6. Visit websites such as or to find information regarding locally available subsidized houses. Some of these websites allow users to search for houses by region.

  7. Contact housing associations
  8. Try talking to local housing associations or non-government organizations that assist people with special needs or low income.