How Can You Find a List of Registered Voters in Florida?


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A list of registered voters in Florida can be found at Flvoters.com. This website also allows users to look up voters by date of birth, address or name. Another website at which voters registered in Florida is Fl-voters.findthedata.com, which allows users to look up voters or sort them by a variety of criteria.

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Florida law makes all voter registration information and records publicly available, but details that may compromise individual security are not publicly disclosed. These details include information such as Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and Florida identification card numbers. Certain citizens may also request that particular information, such as their home address, is not publicly disclosed.

Information on voters is made public to assist in keeping the voter list as accurate and honest as possible so that elections can be held fairly. One way Florida residents can assist in this is by looking up their home address and ensuring that previous residents are not still registered at it. If they are, they may be able to vote in multiple towns, which adulterates the voting count. Another way the voter registration list is often used is to find contact information of people and neighbors, since addresses and phone numbers are often available through it.

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