Where Can a List of Public Defense Attorneys Be Found?

can-list-public-defense-attorneys-found Credit: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

FindLaw.com has a page with links to public defenders' offices in 49 US states and the District of Columbia in its "Learn About the Law" section. The page organizes its list of links alphabetically by state, and within a state the links specify the county or geographical region in which each body of attorneys takes on clients. A small share of the page's links specify that the associated office of public defenders represent defendants in federal lawsuits, displays FindLaw.com.

The government is responsible for establishing a given defendant's eligibility for legal defense by a public defender. A defendant's household income and assets are the primary factors that applications use to establish the extent of a defendant's need. An applicant must submit proof of his income (and if applicable, that of his spouse) in person at a court clerk's office and fill out a written application. Court clerks in the defendant's area of residence also interview each applicant before rendering a final decision, according to the Law Offices of the Public Defender of the State of New Mexico.

Maine is the only state that does not have a link to a public defender's office on FindLaw.com. This is because Maine does not have a state-run public defender's office. The state of Maine's county judges and court clerk's offices assign defendants willing private attorneys for their cases as needed, according to FindLaw.com.