Where Can You Find a List of Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Constitution?


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Lists of proposed amendments to the U. S. Constitution appear in historical documents, government publications and websites and in independently published materials. A 1789 letter from James Madison to Congress contains one of the earliest lists and outlines the proposed amendments that formed the Bill of Rights.

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Government publications, such as the Federal Register and the Congressional Record, and official websites, such as Senate.gov, contain lists of approximately 200 amendments proposed during each legislative session. Historical texts such as “Proposed Amendments to the Constitution During the First Century of its History” by Herman Vandenburg Ames, and independent websites such as USConstitution.net contain partial lists of the nearly 12,000 amendments proposed.

As of 2015, only 33 proposed amendments have been sent to the states for approval, with 27 becoming ratified as Constitutional amendments. Two amendments failed to gain the necessary number of states’ approval, and four remain pending.

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