Where Can You Find a List of Medical Malpractice Cases Against Doctors?

Individuals searching for information about malpractice suits against doctors can check with the state medical board, which is responsible for state medical licensing. The Federation of State Medical Boards provides access to a database that describes disciplinary actions taken against various doctors for a fee, according to Nolo.

State medical boards maintain websites that individuals can use to look up information about disciplinary actions taken against various doctors, and access to these resource is free, according to Nolo. Additionally, at the national level, the American Medical Association website keeps a list of medical board contact information for each state, which is useful if a state medical board doesn't have its own online database.

Many state medical boards share information about lawsuit payments made in medical malpractice cases, but this information is limited to settled cases and does not list pending cases, according to The Washington Post. The amount and type of information provided by state medical boards varies, and boards often give doctors mild punishments for medical malpractice. Punishments include probation, reprimand or temporary suspension, but many times, doctors are quickly reinstated.

Docinfo is a service provided by the Federation of State Medical Boards, and individuals can order performance reports for any doctor in its database, as The Washington Post explains. Doctorinfo reports contain every disciplinary action reported by state medical boards, the doctor's licensing history, location, medical school information and board certified specialties.