Where Can You Find a List of International Calling Codes Online?

CountryCode.org, StudyAbroad.com, CountryCallingCodes.com, HowToCallAbroad.com and WTNG.info offer online resources for finding international calling codes. CountryCode.org lists the prefixes required to call anywhere in the world alphabetically by country name. StudyAbroad.com lists international calling codes alphabetically by country for those dialing from North America.

CountryCallingCodes.com provides a search widget that returns international calling prefixes and instructions on how to use them. HowToCallAbroad.com lists international exit codes and phone codes for all countries, which are presented alphabetically. WTNG.info enables users to search for numbers by country code or country name; click on a country code to display calling information for a particular country.

These websites offer additional information for those calling a foreign country. CountryCode.org provides two- and three-digit ISO codes, as well as dialing instructions and city calling codes. This site posts a clock to inform callers of the current time in the country they are calling; country statistics, travel information and information on a country's standard electrical wiring and phone jack design are also available. StudyAbroad.com informs North American users about peak billing times by telephone companies to help make international calls less expensive.

CountryCallingCodes.com gives instructions on how to make international calls. It also lists mobile phone codes, international time zones and the current time of the foreign location. HowToCallAbroad.com offers area codes and phone books for individual countries. It also provides country trunk codes, which are used to place calls within a country. WTNG.info, the World Telephone Numbering Guide, gives area code information and calling format updates for individual countries.