Where Can a List of All of the Former U.S. Secretaries of State Be Found?


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A complete list containing the names of all the former United States Secretaries of State can be found at the U.S. Department of State website. The website's home page does not feature a direct link to the list, but the "About" tab in the navigation bar opens a drop-down menu that displays the item "More" at its bottom, which will lead to a page on which the link to the "Former Secretaries of State" page can be found under the heading "History and Culture." Clicking on any of the names on the list will open the former Secretary of State's individual biography page.

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The four most recent names added to the Former Secretaries of State list on the U.S. Department of State website are followed by links to their respective archive sites. These sites contain additional information regarding the former Secretary of State, such as public remarks, speeches, extended biographies and travels.

Including the incumbent U.S. Secretary of State as of February 2015, John Kerry, the office has been held by a total of 67 individuals, with Daniel Webster holding the office twice as both the 14th and the 19th U.S. Secretary of State. There have also been more than 30 individuals who have served as Acting Secretary of State, including some who have served twice. The first U.S. Secretary of State was Thomas Jefferson, who held the office between 1790 and 1793.

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