Where Can You Find a List of Emergency Phone Numbers for Your Area?


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You can find a list of emergency phone numbers online at Travel.State.gov and USA.AngloInfo.com. Travel.State.gov provides a list of global emergency numbers, while USA.AngloInfo.com provides a list of American emergency numbers, crisis lines and helplines.

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Travel.State.gov provides users with a 911 list, which lists the emergency numbers for every country around the globe. It includes numbers for ambulances, fire brigades and police.

USA.AngloInfo.com provides the American emergency phone number, 911, as well as crisis lines and helplines. As of 2015, the list of crisis lines and helplines includes phone numbers for the National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline, Drugs and Alcohol Treatment Referral, the HIV and AIDS Hotline, the National Child Abuse Hotline and the Domestic Violence Hotline. Other numbers include those for the National Sexual Assault Hotline, the American Red Cross and the Poison Control Center.

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