Where Can You Find a List of Doctor's Offices in Michigan That Accept Medicaid?

Mhplan.com is an example of a website that lists doctors in Michigan who accept Medicaid health coverage plans. Medicaid recipients in Michigan must sign up through one of several health plans, each of which have their own lists of providers posted on their websites. Patients can also access the information from the health plan offices.

Mhplan.com is the website of Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, which is the largest health plan provider for Medicaid recipients. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services oversees the Medicaid sign-up process in Michigan. Its website has information on who may be eligible and how one can sign up, and has a link to a list of health plan providers available by county.

To locate a Medicaid provider, a person must first identify her health plan provider from the list, or determine which provider she is eligible to use. She can then go to the provider's website and conduct a search for doctors who accept Medicaid. Online tools allow searches by name, practice area or location. Those considering signing up for Medicaid can also contact Michigan Enrolls, which can not only answer questions about the process, but can also give information on which pharmacies, doctors and hospitals are Medicaid providers for each health plan. The Michigan Enrolls phone number is 888-367-6557, as of 2015.