Where Can You Find a List of City Ordinances?

can-list-city-ordinances Credit: JohnnyH5/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

MuniCode publishes a comprehensive list of city laws and ordinances that subscribers and clients can access using a print-on-demand system. The categories of the ordinances list them first by state, then by city in alphabetical order, with a separate section for tribal nations' ordinances, as the MuniCode website explains.

Some major cities also allow users to search for city ordinances electronically. For example, the City of Los Angeles, California, allows free searching for any city ordinance by ordinance number, the ordinance's effective date, name, keyword or phrase. A mobile app is also available to let users search for ordinances and other City Council documents remotely. Houston also provides a searchable list of city ordinances, as do Minneapolis and Milwaukee.