Where Can You Find a List of Cell Phone Numbers Linked to Scams?


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Common area codes linked to cell phone scams are found in a warning article on the website of the Federal Communications Commission, according to the FCC. The Better Business Bureau has a list of more numbers in their cell phone scam alert, reports the BBB.

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As of 2015, area codes linked with cell phone scams come mainly from the Caribbean and Canada, states the FCC. They include 809 for the Dominican Republic, 876 for Jamaica, 284 for the British Virgin Islands, and 649 for the Turks and Caicos. Other area codes to watch for on caller IDs include 473 for Grenada, 767 for Dominica and 268 for Antigua, as reported by the BBB. Those committing the fraud typically ring once and hang up, and when the cell phone owners return the call, they unknowingly connect to international numbers that charge exorbitant fees.

The danger is not in consumers getting the calls but in calling back and waiting while per-minute fees mount up as they wait on hold, states the Federal Trade Commission. Consumers should check area codes of any unknown incoming calls before returning them, as reported by the FCC. If consumers have been billed for scam calls, they should first attempt to resolve the issue with their phone company and afterward complain to the FCC.

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