How Can You Learn About Family Law in Washington State?


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Resources that provide information on Washington State family law include FindLaw.com, DivorceNet.com and WashingtonLawHelp.com. Some of the topics that FindLaw.com covers are child custody laws, marital property laws and adoption laws, while DivorceNet.com explores issues ranging from the basics of filing for divorce to prenuptial agreements and alimony.

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Washington State family law considers the property and income that couples acquire in the course of marriage as communally owned, says DivorceNet.com. The state's jurisprudence also views any debt that spouses acquire during their union as community property. For these reasons, divorce courts in the state seek to split assets and debts equally between separating couples.

However, state laws view the assets and debts that couples accumulate before marriage as separate property, continues DivorceNet.com. In addition, the law considers certain assets, such as gifts meant for one partner and inherited properties, as separate property, even when couples received them in the course of a marriage.

However, Washington State courts can approve unequal asset and debt splits during divorce proceedings if sundering partners provide convincing, legally sound reasons, adds DivorceNet.com. Courts can approve such divisions even in cases where certain assets are in dispute.

Some of the typical assets that divorce courts deal with are personal items such as jewelry, properties such as family homes and intangible assets such as dividends and benefits, explains DivorceNet.com. Among other factors, courts consider the length of a marriage and the economic circumstances of each partner when dividing community property that the couple acquired during a marriage.

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