Where Can You Find Lawyers Who Represent Victims of Police Brutality?

Victims of police brutality are able to find legal representation by searching online attorney databases for criminal lawyers, according to attorneys.com. For example, attorneys.com offers a search engine that provides lists of lawyers sorted by practice area and location. Hiring a local lawyer with police-brutality experience is critical.

Police brutality takes many forms, explains attorneys.com. Examples include threats and intimidation, excessive force, verbal attacks and physical assault. Police-brutality cases are brought against local police, prison guards, federal agents, correction officers and sheriff officers. It is critical for victims of police brutality to consult with experienced and reputable police-brutality attorneys as soon as possible after the incident to preserve their rights and help prevent other people from suffering the same abuse.

Criminal attorneys determine the use of excessive force through the examination of specific sets of circumstances, notes attorneys.com. For example, if a person is tased by a police officer, attorneys investigate facts such as whether the suspect was handcuffed at the time he was tased. In cases where victims are injured by a police officer, attorneys determine if the force that caused the injuries was justified based on the circumstances.

Excessive force is one of several forms of police harassment that violates the law, states attorneys.com. Racial or ethnic profiling and racist, sexist or homophobic comments are also considered harassment. Harassment cases can stem from illegal detention and improper search and seizure.