Can You Get Free Land for Homesteading?


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The U.S. Congress abolished federal homesteading in 1976, but some rural towns, such as Beatrice, Nebraska, have created their own homesteading programs, according to About.com, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Local homesteading programs, modeled on the federal program, are designed to create tax revenue and improve neglected properties.

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The Homestead Act of 1862 provided 160 acres of free land to certain settlers to improve undeveloped land in Western states, advises the National Archives. Many pioneers were not able to claim land due to the difficulty of farming land under the harsh weather conditions of the Western territories. After the repeal of the Act in 1976, rural towns in Western states established their own homesteading programs similar to federal act. Towns such as Beatrice, Nebraska, had difficulty in attracting settlers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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