How Can Inmates Earn an Early Release From Prison?

Certain inmates can request parole in order to earn early release from prison, explains Parolees must adhere to certain conditions and restrictions to remain eligible for parole. Federal inmates convicted of crimes committed after Nov. 1, 1987, are not entitled to parole and must obtain credit for good behavior.

Parole boards are a group of prison officials who determine whether an inmate receives parole, advises In determining whether an inmate receives parole, parole boards consider factors such as the severity of the inmate's crime, the inmate's behavior while in prison, the wishes of the victim of the crime and the inmate's chances of integration back into society upon release. Federal inmates convicted of crimes after Nov. 1, 1987 are entitled to a 54-day reduction in their sentence per year for exemplary behavior pursuant to federal law.

Parolees must meet certain conditions to remain out of jail, including submitting to prohibitions on breaking any further laws, random property and person searches, restrictions on drug and alcohol use, regular reports to parole officers regarding whereabouts and attendance of court-ordered counseling or drug treatment programs, notes Parolees frequently have restrictions on their travel and on their association with certain individuals such as gang members, witnesses and crime victims.