How Can You Find an Inmate From Gaston County Lockup?

To find an inmate at the Gaston County lookup, access the sheriff department through the county website, then search for the inmate by name. In addition to the search function, the website also allows people to view a list of the current day's arrests.

Visit the Gaston County website at, then click on Departments. Go to the Sheriff Department and click on Inmate Information, then on Inmate Search. The disclaimer explains the rules of using the search function and that finding an inmate through the tool does not imply a warranty. It also states that the police department does not hold any legal liability based on the results. Read through the disclaimer before proceeding, pressing the Agree button if you understand the terms and conditions. A new website opens to use the search function.

When the new website opens, click on Inmate Inquiry on the left-hand side of the page. Enter as many details as are available, with at least the last name of the individual. Other fields include the first name, global subject number, booking number, and the booking from and to dates. The more information entered, the easier it is to get an accurate list of inmates matching those details.