Where Can You Find Information on Weekly Certification?


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Weekly certification information can be found on state government websites, such as the Tennessee Department of Labor, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and the South Dakota Department of Labor. Weekly certification is a set of questions to determine eligibility for unemployment benefits.

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The Tennessee state website provides information on how to file weekly certification and how to set up a Personal Identification Number to file online. The Mississippi website gives information on the weekly claim procedures in the state.

From the South Dakota Department of Labor, claimants can find an instructional video on how to file for unemployment, which includes instructions on weekly certification. The site also gives detailed instructions on how to file and what information must be reported during weekly certification. Claimants must report all hours worked and provide their social security numbers and identification numbers when filing, the site says.

Weekly certification begins the week after an individual files a claim for unemployment, states the Tennessee Department of Labor. Certification must continue each subsequent week in order for benefits to continue.

In many states, such as Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota and Alabama, claimants can complete weekly certification online or by phone. Failure to complete the process on time may lead to interrupted benefits, according to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

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