Where Can You Find Information on Veteran Health Care Benefits?


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The United States Department of Veteran Affairs maintains a website hosting all relevant information about the health benefits to which veterans of the U.S. Army are entitled and may seek access to. This site functions as a portal for veterans to explore their benefits and to become better informed about what those benefits entail.

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The Veteran Affairs website has tools to help veterans assess the costs they will face seeking various forms of treatment and care under the various plans available. It also hosts specialty information about veteran dental care and dental plans and about how veteran care interacts with the Affordable Care Act.

Other information hosted on the website includes how to apply for veteran health care, a walkthrough process that helps veterans get paperwork in order before applying for a plan. Once this is completed, benefits can be accessed directly through the site and the status of enrollment can be checked online or with a phone call.

The site also maintains a database of additional care resources outside of or peripherally connected to the Veteran Affairs health care network. It allows veterans to update their contact and insurance information and to check on the status of their benefits. The site is designed to make all benefits more accessible to veterans.

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