Where Can You Find Information About Township Location by Range and Section Number?


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You can find information about township location by range and section number online at Jackson State University. Townships run north to south from the baseline, and ranges run east to west. The square, called a township, is 6 miles wide by 6 miles long and is subdivided into sections.

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A township contains 36 square miles, and each square mile forms a section. Sections are numbered according to positions, beginning with section one in the north-eastern-most position. Moving to the west, the sections number up to six, which is in the north-western-most position.

Below section six, the second row begins with section seven and is numbered moving east. The pattern zigzags through the rest of the sections, ending with 36 in the south-western-most, and 31 in the south-eastern-most section. All townships repeat this exact pattern of numbering sections.

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