Where Can You Find Information on the Preamble to the Constitution?


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People can find information on the Preamble to the Constitution on several websites, including FindLaw.com, Heritage.org and Cornell.edu. These websites give information on the Preamble, interpretations of its meaning and the full text of the written statement.

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In addition to information about the Preamble, The Heritage Foundation provides a companion lesson for teachers that helps them lead classroom discussions regarding to why the Preamble is important and how it differs from the introduction to the Articles of Confederation. The Preamble itself does not give U.S. citizens federal government rights; rather, all federal rights are subsequently outlined in the amendments of the Constitution, according to Cornell University Law School. The Preamble affirms that the people of the U.S. run the country -- not a king, monarch or any politician elected or appointed to office, notes the National Constitution Center.

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