Where Can Information Be Found About Free Notary Public Services?

Where Can Information Be Found About Free Notary Public Services?

A good place to find information about free notary public services is by checking with the local library or university. Often, these organizations provide free services for patrons, students, faculty and staff.

Other resources for finding a free notary public include local and state government offices and websites including checking the official listings and local court buildings. Often these institutions offer free services to those who are executing documents that require a notary's signature and stamp.

A notary public is appointed by the state or local government to officially and legally acknowledge someone else's signature on a document. Legal and court documents often require the safeguard as it guarantees that the signature is that of the individual who is in question.

In order to retain a notary's services, people must appear in person before them to ensure that the document and the person signing it is officially notarized. Lawyers, by the virtue of the profession are automatically notaries.

Normally, states certify notaries after an exam has been passed and an application has been filed. The application includes an oath of office, which must be signed and notarized, as noted by the supreme court of the State of New York.

There are also databases online that list notaries by state, but these are fee based and the listings within are typically for those businesses that charge for notary services.