Where Can You Find Information on the Electric Rates by State?


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Information concerning the electric rates for each state is available at EIA.gov, NEO.NE.gov and ElectricChoice.com, as of 2015. These websites give the annual average cost of electricity in cents per Kilowatt-hour.

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The U.S. Energy Information Administration website features a table that provides the cost of electricity for end-use sectors that include residential, commercial, industrial and transportation. The website allows users to view the table in a downloadable PDF file format.

Nebraska's official government website features a table that provides the annual average price per kilowatt-hour for all sectors. The table ranks the states from lowest cost to highest costs.

ElectricChoice.com provides a table with the individual state electricity rates for 2013 and 2014. The website also provides a map of the United States that indicates which states have regulated and deregulated energy pricing.

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