Where Can You Get Information on Divorce Laws in Texas?


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One way to learn about Texas divorce law is to consult the website of the Texas Legal Services Center. A simple and direct way is to read Chapter 6 of the Texas Family Code; all laws and conditions regarding divorce in Texas are stated there.

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In Texas, a couple must meet the basic requirements for divorce, such as residency, having acceptable grounds for divorce and the filing of the appropriate papers, according to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. It is also recommended that one or both parties consult with attorneys before beginning the divorce process.

As provided by the Texas Legislature, the Family Code of the Texas Statutes delineates in detail the laws concerning marriage and divorce in the State of Texas.

Also, the Texas State Law Library has a comprehensive page set up to help Texas residents through a divorce. Although it cannot provide direct legal aid or advice, it offers links, resources and downloadable booklets for people who wish to learn more about the divorce process. The Texas State Law Library also encourages people to speak with an attorney if there are things that they aren't sure about, or to visit Texas law libraries to learn more about divorce proceedings.

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