How Can You Find More Information on the Crime Rates in Your Neighborhood?

How Can You Find More Information on the Crime Rates in Your Neighborhood?

Resources for finding information on neighborhood-specific crime rates include the Federal Bureau of Investigation's uniform crime reports, local newspapers, local police departments and data aggregation websites such as NeighborhoodScout. Depending on the location of a given neighborhood, one or more of these sources may provide more detailed information than the others. Generally, more easily accessible crime rate data exists for neighborhoods in or near large cities than for other neighborhoods.

The FBI's uniform crime reports provide statistics and analysis of violent crime and property crime, with online reports available for many locations dating back to at least 1985.

The crime rate resources provided by newspapers vary by paper. Some major newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, provide extensive information, including interactive maps, neighborhood rankings, real-time crime updates, charts and special reports.

Many local police departments provide crime information on city and town websites, although the depth of the information varies. The city of Portland, Oregon, for example, provides a neighborhood comparison tool in addition to raw crime statistics.

NeighborhoodScout provides subscribers with detailed neighborhood crime reports based on address or ZIP code. The website's data uses algorithms to combine statistics from municipal governments, the FBI and the United States Justice Department.