Where Can You Find Information to Help in Creating an Emergency Response Plan?


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Ready.gov is a government website dedicated to providing information to help individuals and families prepare for an emergency. The American Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control also provide information on their websites regarding creating emergency preparedness plans.

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For family emergency preparedness, all family members should have a designated safe place to go and know how to get there. Families should discuss how they will contact one another and where they will meet when it is safe to get back together. It is helpful to have a designated spot close to home as well as farther away, in case the disaster affects the entire area. It is also a good idea to designate an out-of-town person that family members may call to report that they are safe. Ready.gov has downloadable forms available to help families organize important contacts.

The Red Cross sells emergency preparedness kits that include items like first aid materials, batteries, radios, flash lights and food packets. Individuals can purchase a pre-made kit or assemble an individualized one with more personal items. Such kits should be kept in a readily available place that all family members are aware of.

Places where individuals spend a lot of time, such as work, school or church should also have emergency plans in place.

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