How Can an Individual Contact an Inmate at Grant County Jail in Wisconsin?


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The only ways to contact an inmate at the Grant County Jail in Wisconsin as of 2015 is by sending him mail through the U.S. Postal Service or by visiting him. The Grant County Sheriff’s Department establishes the inmate contact rules.

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The Grant County Sheriff’s website maintained a list of inmates incarcerated at the jail. All incoming mail must be addressed as indicated on the jail website and must be postmarked. Jail staff opens and inspects the mail prior to giving it to the inmate. Incoming mail must contain the full name and address of the sender. Individuals cannot give letters to inmates at visits. Any money contained in incoming mail, whether it is cash or a money order, is deposited into the inmate’s canteen account.

Before a family or friend can visit an inmate at the county jail, the inmate must submit a visiting list for approval by the jail staff. An inmate is only allowed to have four names on his visiting list at any time, and he can change the visiting list once a month. All visitors must show photo identification prior to being admitted to the jail. Individuals cannot request to be placed on an inmate’s visiting list. Visits at the county jail are limited to 15 minutes, and no contact visits are allowed.

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