How Can an Individual Apply for a Disabled Parking Placard?


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Disabled parking placards are usually applied for at a state's Department of Motor Vehicles and require proof of a medical disability, filling out the proper forms and payment of a fee. The procedures and requirements may vary, depending on the state's laws.

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Using California as an example, applicants for a disabled person parking placard must have lost mobility in one or both legs, both hands or be diagnosed with a disease that restricts mobility. People diagnosed with impaired vision problems also qualify. If the mobility issues or the vision problems are so severe that the person can't drive, the placards may also be obtained so a caregiver may drive.

California offers both a disabled person parking placard and disabled license plates. To apply for the placard, the user must complete and sign the Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates and have a physician fill out and sign the Doctor Certification section. The completed form is submitted, along with the fees, either by mail or in person at a DMV office.

The physician certification is waived if the person appears at the DMV and has an obvious permanent physical disability, such as a missing limb. It is also not needed when renewing a permanent placard, which expires every two years. Temporary placards are good for six months and must have the medical certification to be renewed.

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