How Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating?


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In order to increase their Veterans Affairs disability ratings, former service members must show the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs that their conditions have grown worse using current medical information. To make the request, the individual must complete and submit the required forms, along with supporting medical evidence.

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Because some disabilities grow worse over time, the veteran may require a reevaluation. If the actual condition remains the same but a secondary condition caused or made worse by the original disability deteriorates, the individual has the right to seek reevaluation by the VA. After this evaluation, the VA decides to increase, decrease or maintain the rating. A lower rating means a reduction in the number of benefits but rarely a complete discontinuation of them, according Nolo.

The VA also has the right to ask for a reevaluation of any individual receiving benefits. The reevaluation usually involves a doctor's exam but sometimes requires a hospital stay. Veterans with conditions the VA expects to improve with time receive reevaluations two to five years after they first receive benefits. Veterans who disagree with the evaluation have the right to appeal. If the condition improves, resulting in a reduction of benefits, but then grows worse again, the vet has the right to ask for an increase in his disability rating.

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