Where Can You Find Housing for Pregnant Women?

Where Can You Find Housing for Pregnant Women?

While the exact resources vary by location, there are organizations, such as Mercy House and Maggie's Place, that assist with providing housing for pregnant women. Good Counsel is another organization that provides housing assistance for pregnant women.

The Mercy House program is located in Colleyville, Texas and provides assistance for pregnant women throughout the United States. Residents of Mercy House are required to participate in a local church, as the program is focused on spiritual and emotional growth. Participants are also given training in life skills and counseling.

Maggie's Place has a total of four different homes located in Tempe, Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona and Parma, Ohio. Residents receive food, maternity and infant supplies, counseling, transportation assistance and referrals to community programs. Maggie's Place also educates residents on state programs, such as health insurance and food stamps.

Good Counsel is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. The program provides assistance with budgeting and employment and encourages residents to save one-third of income receives. Lessons on parenting, nutrition, health and spirituality are also available. In addition, Good Counsel offers counseling and peer groups for those who have recently been through an abortion through its Lumina program.

Pregnant women may also be able to find housing or assistance programs through their state's Department of Human Services.