Where Can You Find HCPCS Codes?

Where Can You Find HCPCS Codes?

HCPCS codes can be found at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website. The website also provides general information on the HCPCS, or Health Care Common Procedure Coding System. Codes within this system are often colloquially known as "hic-picks."

HCPCS codes are typically used to reference medical supplies and equipment. They are generally distinct from CPT codes, which identify medical services or procedures. However, some procedures that are not encoded by the CPT system are identified by the HCPCS.

HCPCS codes are alphanumeric, comprising four numbers after an initial letter, chosen frombetween A and V. This initial letter helps toidentify the specialist branch of healthcare that the code is relevant to. For instance, codes pertaining to audiology begin, for the most part, either with L or V.

Examples include:

  • L8614 (cochlear device)
  • L8616 (replacement cochlear implant external speech processor)
  • L8699 (prosthetic implant)
  • V5008 (hearing screening)
  • V5011 (fitting, orientation or check-up of hearing aid)

Codes may be modified in practice to refer to specific sides of the body or to provide information on cost and other factors involved in describing medical equipment or services. Modifiers include:

  • LT or RT (left or right side of the body)
  • -22 or -52 (greater or less than normal cost)
  • NU (new equipment)
  • RA (replacement of a device)
  • RB (replacement or repair of device components)