Where Can You Find a Glossary of Legal Terms Online?


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The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts publishes a free glossary of legal terms online. This website, affiliated with the Federal Judiciary, allows users to sort legal terms by letter to find the specific terms they need.

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The U.S. Court's glossary of legal terms contains many commonly-used legal terms, such as "acquittal," "Chapter 11," and "Due process." Users can also find more technical or less-common legal terms in this glossary, such as "writ of certiorari" or "In forma pauperis." This glossary can be a valuable research tool to understand legal documents or an individual's responsibilities under the law.

The terms in the U.S. Court's online glossary of legal terms pertain to both criminal and civil law, and cover terms that relate to the rights of an accused individual, such as "Habeus corpus," "felony," and "misdemeanor," as well as the terms that pertain to the responsibilities of attorneys or members of a jury, such as "Voir dire" and "reasonable doubt."

If users can't find the legal terms they are looking for on the U.S. Court's glossary, other sites may have more information, such as the SCOTUS Blog, which offers in-depth definitions of legal terms and links to examples from actual Supreme Court cases.

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