Where Can You Find Fulton County Jail Mugshots?

The Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, provides a searchable online database of inmates, which includes mug shots, that is accessible to citizens by entering either the inmate's last name and first name or booking number. However, inmate files prior to 2001 do not contain digital photographs.

The Fulton County Jail records database lists the inmate's name, booking number, date booked, date released, the arresting agency and the charge or charges. Clicking the booking number hyperlink advances the user to a more detailed screen specific to the selected inmate. Here, the inmate's aliases and address are listed, along with his or her physical description, hair color and eye color. If a mug shot is available, the photo appears on this page. Additional details for each inmate include his or her assigned Sheriff's Office identification number, the arrest warrant number, charge or charges, issuing authority, date of offense, amount of bond, type of fine or court charges incurred and the disposition of each charge.

In Hickman, Kentucky, inmates are housed in the Fulton County Detention Center, which is also known as the Fulton County Jail. That facility also provides digital mug shots of inmates viewable online for the convenience and safety of the community.