Where Can You Have Your Fingerprints Taken?

If an individual needs to have his fingerprints taken for the FBI, he can do so at his local law enforcement agency, the FBI notes. There are a number of channelers that process fingerprinting as well, such as 3M Cogent Systems, Accurate Biometrics and Eid Passport, Inc.

A person's fingerprints identify all relevant information in that individual's life: his name, date of birth, employment history and arrests, the Law Dictionary explains. The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains a fingerprint database that includes a list of a person's criminal arrest dates, the charges and any disposition of cases. Certain situations could link a police report to fingerprint records, including accidents and insurance information.

When a fingerprint background check is ordered, it could take a couple of weeks to a month to deliver results. Some entities provide an electronic application method where the fingerprint record is certified. States have their own regulations when it comes to requiring a fingerprint background check. Some states mandate that a fingerprint background check be done for employees who work in the education field around children. If an organization wants a fingerprint background check done for licensing, housing or adoption, it can make the request from a state identification bureau, the FBI itself or a channeler. That entity must have legal authority to request this personal information, the Law Dictionary notes.