How Can You Get Financial Help for Disabled Adults?


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Adults with disabilities can apply for financial help from the Supplemental Security Income program and may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance depending on their work history, explains the Social Security Administration. Individuals who qualify should visit their local Social Security office to apply, according to Social Security Disability Help.

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When applying for the Supplemental Security Income program, disabled adults should make an appointment to go in person to the Social Security office with complete copies of their medical records, lists of doctors, and contact information for the practices and hospitals that saw them, states Social Security Disability Help. Because the Supplemental Security Income program requires financial need to qualify, people applying must bring bank statements, proof of income, a list of assets, and mortgage statements or lease information. The Social Security Administration denies over 60 percent of Supplemental Security Income claims, so disabled individuals may want to hire an attorney to help them file correctly.

To apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, disabled adults can start an application online or go directly to the Social Security office to file one, notes Nolo. In order to apply for disability benefits, applicants must schedule an in-person or phone interview.

To qualify for benefits through the Social Security Office, the applicant must have a disability that prevents him from working in his previous position or that prevents him from learning new work, according to the Social Security Administration. The disability must also last for at least one year or be terminal.

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