How Can I Find Financial Aid for Single Mothers?

can-financial-aid-single-mothers Credit: Oliver Rossi/Stone/Getty Images

According to, organizations offering financial aid to single mothers understand the need for assistance. Statistically, 38 percent of single mothers are surviving at or below the economic poverty level. Single mothers holding at least a bachelor's degree are five times less likely to experience economic hardships. states that there is financial aid for single mothers and single parents alike. Take, for example, the Jeannette Rankin Fund. This scholarship is awarded annually and is specifically designated for economically challenged single mothers. The mother must be 35 years or older and in pursuit of a college career.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation is also awarded annually. It was created to honor one of the missions of Congresswoman Mink, which was access to education and support for financially strained mothers. The minimum age requirement is 17 years old. The Arizona Business and Professional Women's Foundation offers annual scholarships to women age 25 and older. The applicant must be either starting or returning to a community-based college or industry trade school.

Scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid are awarded to help single mothers earn the education necessary to advance within a career. Additional financial aid can be located by conducting a search for free college scholarships, notes