How Can You Get Help Filling Out the Forms for Disabled Veterans Assistance?


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The easiest way to find help filing for disabled veterans' assistance is to contact a veterans service organization. Many cities and states have veterans' agencies that can also provide help.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a list of veterans' service organizations to help contact them. A well-known example of a VSO is the Wounded Warrior Project, but there are many others. These organizations often provide other forms of assistance as well and some can even provide legal representation if your request is denied initially. VSOs can be either recognized or unrecognized by the VA, but even unrecognized ones can help you access and fill out the forms.

Veterans who can afford it may also be able to hire a lawyer. Many lawyers specialize in disability cases and have experience representing veterans. These lawyers may also work pro bono at times. You can also contact low-cost or free legal aid organizations in your area to find an affordable lawyer, or use a tool provided by the VA to find an accredited attorney or claims agent.

Finding state and local agencies can also be helpful. Some states have community outreach centers to help make it easy to contact them. This information is usually available on the city or state's official website.

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