How Can You File a Weekly Unemployment Claim?

How Can You File a Weekly Unemployment Claim?

Making a claim for unemployment insurance compensation varies somewhat from state to state, but it follows a similar routine that involves applying with the proper state government agency and claiming the insurance for periods of unemployment. In some states such claims are made bimonthly, and in other states, claims are weekly. It takes about 15 minutes to claim insurance for a period by answering questions about the applicant's current job status. This may be done online or through an automated process by phone.

  1. Apply for benefits

    Before beginning the process of claiming period benefits, an application must be submitted to the proper state agency. Information on this application includes recent employment history and the reason for the dismissal from the last job. Applicants continue to claim for each unemployment period after the initial application but do not receive any benefits until the application has been approved.

  2. Continue to claim benefits

    Unemployment claims are made on a set basis after the application has been approved for the duration of the coverage. If an applicant takes a temporary position, it is reported in the claim, and the compensation is adjusted for that period.

  3. Report full-time employment

    Along with temporary employment, applicants are required by law to report any new full-time employment the moment they accept such positions. Unemployment benefits are no longer available under such conditions.