How Can You File for Unemployment in Wisconsin?


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File for unemployment benefits in the state of Wisconsin online by visiting the Unemployment section of Wisconsin.gov and filing out an application that requires your Social Security number and information about past work. In some cases, it may be necessary to file or complete the claim over the phone.

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If you lose your job through no direct fault of your own, such as a layoff or your place of employment going out of business, you may be eligible to apply for unemployment benefits. These include periodic payments to help cover financial obligations and aid in applying for new jobs. Most Wisconsin residents can apply online after finishing any remaining work obligations. The application asks for your name, address and Social Security number to verify your identity, as well as looking for lack of criminal activity and legal eligibility to work in the country.

The form also asks for your recent work history, which is a major factor in determining both your eligibility to receive benefits and the amount of your benefit payments. You also need to include the reason you lost your job, as some causes do not qualify for benefits. Though the rules change, typically anyone who loses employment due to incompetence or out of voluntary choice does not qualify.

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