Where Can You Find Federal Home Repair Grants?


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The Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loans Service, Eldercare or a local Rural Development office have information regarding home repair grants. Most grants must be used to either adapt a home to make it accessible to the disabled individual who qualifies for the grant, or to remove safety hazards.

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Disabled veterans can apply for a Specially Adapted Housing Grant, or a Special Housing Adaptation Grant. The first grant, abbreviated SAH, can help disabled veterans construct a specially adapted home on land to be purchased, build a specially adapted home on land already owned, or remodel an existing home to be suitable for adapted housing. The second grant, the SHA, adapts an existing home a family member or the veteran already owns, adapts a home the veteran intends to purchase and live in, or helps a veteran purchase an already adapted home.

Eldercare has home modification and repair grants available for low-income seniors. These modifications may be necessary for the elderly person to adapt his living space to meet the needs of his physical limitations so he can continue to live safely and independently.

The Rural Development agency has grants for low-income people, families and the elderly to remove safety and health hazards.

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