How Can You Get Federal Home Improvement Grants?


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To receive a federal grant for home improvement, American homeowners must submit a thorough application to an assistance program for which they can demonstrate they both qualify and have need. However, there are few federal grant programs available for which most homeowners can qualify.

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An applicant's first step is to carefully document both their financial assets and professional estimates of the cost of the desired improvement. This will help the applicant, and any government representative, identify grant programs for which they might apply.

The next step is to contact the local government housing agency. There, the applicant can acquire guidance and information regarding qualifications and the appropriate forms. Both the information and forms are also available online. Once the right programs are selected, the applicant must fill out the forms without error and submit them to the appropriate agencies before application deadlines lapse.

Unlike a loan, which has to eventually be repaid, a grant is a financial gift for a specific purpose. The United States government awards home improvement loans and grants to qualified applicants through several agencies, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, the qualification criteria exclude most American homeowners living in urban or suburban areas, those with means of their own or those under the age of 62.

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