How Can a Father Win a Custody Battle?

A father wishing to win a custody battle can help his case by paying his child support on time, establishing a strong relationship with his child, participating in school and extracurricular activities and providing suitable living accommodations for the child in his own home. Lawyer Debrina Washington for points out that while courts do not discriminate, it can be difficult for a father to obtain custody.

According to, mothers usually win custody battles because they are traditionally seen as being more nurturing than men, and because people are used to seeing mothers as the primary caregivers for their children. Fathers must be able to show judges that granting them custody would be in the best interests of the child. Factors a judge is likely to consider in determining custody include any parental habits that might harm the child, who the child is used to living with, the child-rearing skills of each parent, the parents' employment status and the temperament and character of each parent. encourages fathers seeking custody to avoid sabotaging their children's relationship with their mother. In addition, fathers should get temporary custody of their children if possible and provide a nurturing and safe environment for them at home. Fathers should also be calm during all custody discussions and be absolutely dependable when it comes to taking care of their children.