What Can I Expect in a Marriage Immigration Interview?


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During a marriage immigration interview, one can expect to be asked questions that can identify whether or not the marriage is real and to provide documents to prove marriage authenticity. If inconsistencies or issues are identified, the fraud unit may conduct a more thorough interview.

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Questions regarding where each member of the couple currently lives may be asked. Proof of regular visits and communication can be requested if the couple lives apart from each other. Phone bills, travel expense receipts and letters are all good ways to show that communication and visits are occurring regularly.

Occupations may be discussed to ensure that the couple is financially stable enough to avoid the need of government assistance.

Having the proper documentation ready prior to the interview is key. Shared financial statements and insurance policies, wedding pictures and housing contracts are all common documents that can help prove the validity of the relationship. Sworn statements from people who know the couple may be included.

Personal questions may also be asked. These may include questions about how each person takes their coffee, which side of the bed each person sleeps on, who pays the bills and who does the cooking.

Speaking with a United States Immigration Attorney is an excellent way for a couple to prepare for a marriage immigration interview. If an attorney is not needed, in depth discussions between the couple and review of the application can help to prepare for the interview.

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