What Can You Expect From Boot Camp at Parris Island?


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Marine Corps recruits in boot camp at Parris Island can expect to experience intense mental stress, physical training, and instruction in a wide variety of military skills and techniques. Recruit Training is a 13-week course that must be completed to serve in the Marine Corps. Recruits receive classroom instruction, marksmanship training, practice close order drill, practice martial arts and compete physical challenges.

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Recruits in boot camp at Parris Island receive Basic Warrior Training, which teaches them how to operate in a combat environment. BWT includes preparing equipment for battle, negotiating obstacles, hand and arm signals, explosive identification and land navigation. Recruits are expected learn these skills and demonstrate their use in a field exercise called the Crucible.

Recruits perform a wide variety of intense physical activities, including push ups, extended marches, runs, crunches and swimming. Recruit training requires completion of a Physical Fitness Test, which includes a 3-mile run in less than 28 minutes, as well as 50 or more crunches in 2 minutes. In the final section, males perform 4 pull ups and females perform an arm hang for more than 30 seconds to earn the minimum score. Other physical activities include navigating a confidence course and completing 11 unique challenges.

Recruits also receive classroom instruction in professionalism and personal conduct, leadership, military history, first aid and emergency skills. Other training includes use of gas masks and protective gear, rappelling, water survival and bayonet use.

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